Friday, April 4, 2008

The Insomniac's Dream: A Photo Letter

The Insomniac's Dream: A Letter for Justine
(Or go HERE to view it as a slideshow.)

I sent her this letter 10 days ago. She has yet to give me any feedback on it. This leads me to five conclusions:

#1: She's been too busy to read it. Also, I know her internet connection is spotty as all hell lately, so she might not have been able to download it. (I posted this letter on Flickr after I sent her the link to download a 110MB .zip file.)

#2: She read it . . . and it freaked her out. Now she's avoiding me.

#3: She read it . . . and she's coming up with an equally creative response. (Yeah, I doubt this one, too, but it's still a possibility.)

#4: She read it . . . and is currently using it as leverage to get another boy to finally quit fucking around and take their relationship to the next level.

#5: She read it . . . and didn't give a shit.

How would you react?


Anonymous said...

Now that I'm not at work, I can comment!

I think if a guy I had seen a few times and liked did this for me, I would think it was very sweet.

Otherwise, a variety of feelings would go through my head.

BUT, unless the guy was psychologically unstable/psychotic/etc. (which you are not) I would definitely thank you, because you obviously put a great deal of work into this. And WHO did that lovely picture with the airplane?

Your friend,


rachel said...

it was by complete chance that i stumbled upon your blog, and i ended up linking over to flickr to read your photo-letter. i thought it was pretty amazing.

E> you know my name said...

you're such a lover!

Chelsea said...

I'll tell you what your problem was my friend, you should have gotten off the plane in Las Vegas