Monday, March 19, 2012

Think It Over

"Just remember what I said: you owe it to yourself to respect yourself enough to stay away from something that you know is harmful; work harder on maintaining the relationships that honor you and are worthy of that loyalty. All that shit needs to be earned, not given away."
-- David Cameo

I'm trying.  I'm really, really trying.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Here's the simplest truth:

I didn't start out angry.

And after what you did,
After the lies you told,
After the promises you broke,
After the shit you pulled,

I have every right to be angry.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


We can split the rent on an apartment overlooking the water.  Someplace we can hang a hammock for two on the balcony.

We'll make our money diving for change on the malecón and washing dishes at Gran Café del Porta.  You'll learn the marimba. I'll learn how to pour a perfect lechero.

You'll wear summer dresses in February.  I'll dress like Ritchie Valens and serenade you whenever you get homesick.  We'll stroll through the Zocalo in the evening and admire the dapper old men playing dominoes.  Every once in a while we'll break into the Carranza Lighthouse and camp inside the lantern room.

We'll scour the city for months in search of the best arroz a la tumbada in the world.  Only then can we rest.

Years later, my Spanish will still be rusty.  You're already fluent, though, so I'm sure we'll get by.

With all that sunshine, of course we'll get by.