Saturday, July 13, 2013

Easy Fix

I don't want to have this conversation online or via text. It's tedious and non-productive.

If you're serious about engaging me and really working our shit out -- which is all that I've wanted -- you know how to reach me.

And I think it's time you seriously consider why having me as both a lover and a friend is so detrimental. 

'Cause from what I know in my own personal experiences -- in my experiences WITH YOU -- I do both things incredibly well.

I want to be in your corner, and I want you to be in mine.

So if any part of you is curious about how we can accomplish just that, call me. Or don't. I've done everything I can to let you go. You're welcome to come back, but I'm done campaigning for your attention.

This is something so easy to fix . . .
That's what I find most frustrating.

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