Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shout-Out in Savage Love

Well, it finally happened. Dan Savage added his two cents on my love life. No joke.

Savage Love
March 19, 2009

I've been seeing "Radioman" for a few weeks—the physical chemistry between us is amazing, and we have a lot of fun. He had a vasectomy a year ago (he's only 26), and for me this is a deal breaker since I want to have a family. The other surprise is that he is in relationships with two other women and the three of them get together and have threesomes. I am a bisexual woman recently out of a long-term relationship, and I am interested in joining this little playgroup. However, I met one of the other women recently, and she seemed jealous and upset. Radioman insists that she was just tired and actually likes me. I'm not so sure. Am I asking for drama by getting involved in this foursome?

Thinking Of Joining A Harem

Dan Savage replies:

Here's the actual link for proof that I'm not making this up:
NOTE: Second letter. Scroll down.

I'm getting this column framed and later signed when he next comes to town.

aka Radioman

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