Thursday, July 3, 2008

Big Ol' BFN Site Update (Free Music!)

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. These past four months I've been preoccupied with revamping my radio show. I finally put together my own home recording set-up, knocked out a handful of hilarious new episodes with my co-hosts and was also able to convince several noteworthy bands (Josh Joplin, Garrison Starr, People In Planes, Rogue Wave, Red Wanting Blue, etc.) to stop by for in-studio interviews. However, the biggest hurdle was the long overdue site update. What was supposed to be a simple touch-up turned into massive reconstruction. We finally wrapped it up last week and are ready to start promoting again! The site is even easier to navigate now, so we encourage you to stop on by and check out what we have to offer.

BFN Networks

Reasons to check out our new-and-improved site:
1.) Hilarious new comedy episodes. So far this season we've discussed everything from my misadventures in West Africa to my plans to get a vasectomy.
2.) Insightful band interviews with a plethora of in-studio performances available for free download.
3.) Windy City Reprise: The Best Songs of 2007 is now available for download as well. It's five hours of the best music of last year, and it's all yours at the click of the mouse. Also, for those who missed my writing these past few weeks, I have five new essays posted about this compilation and what it means to me. Enjoy.

That's it. I'll be back with more stories in a week or two. As of now I have two new episodes to process this weekend and maybe a bit of socializing to help inspire more material for the show. Even when I'm relaxing I'm at work. No rest for the wicked.

aka Bob Dubilina
BFN Networks

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